3 Reasons Why Your Recruitment Agency Should Be Blogging

Whether you like it or not, in recruitment you always have a bunch of competitors who can do the same things that you do – it’s the nature of the beast. Given the lack of diversity when it comes to business models, it’s important that you know how to position yourself in the market in order to keep your competitive edge.

The best way to stay on top? Set yourself as a thought leader. The most effective way to become one in this digital age? Blog.

Blogging brings up a bunch of questions. Who’s going to write for the blog? Do we have enough content to support it? Will we continue to support the blog after a couple months? 

These are all reasonable questions, but too often they lead to permanent paralysis. It’s 2017 and the time has come to figure it out. Make some decisions and get started. Here’s why.

Blogging increases your online visibility

Google is very private about how they rank websites but we do know one thing – they love new content. A fresh stream of high quality, keyword optimised content gives clients and candidates a reason to come back to your website and engage with your brand. 

The more blogs you create, the more pages you will have indexed on Google – this also significantly increases your chance of being found through search engines. Research shows that the average company that blogs generates 55% more website visitors.

A well crafted, relevant blog post that your market deems valuable can feed traffic to your website well into the future.

You will develop thought leadership

Blogging and thought leadership go hand in hand in today’s marketplace where content marketing should be at the foundation of your business strategy. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates mentioned it in his article published 20 years ago and until today, the saying still stands: content is king.

Clients prefer to be informed and entertained. If you want your business to prosper, you also need to pour efforts in publishing valuable content aside from bashing the phones and doing it how you always have.

Use blogging to build corporate and personal credibility and to position your company as having few credible substitutes in the marketplace.

You will generate more inbound leads

Blogging makes it possible to systematically address the needs and concerns of our client and candidate prospects. 

We can tackle the biggest problems they face, and solve them as comprehensively as possible; demonstrating our industry insight and recruitment expertise in the process. 

This serves to attract prospects to our business, and allows us earn their trust in the process. It’s no coincidence that small business who blog generate 126% more leads than those that don’t.

In the global marketplace where competition is only getting more intense, establishing your brand as a market authority is a clear advantage.

Get at it and start blogging!

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Steffan Gooch

After spending 7 years as a recruiter, Steffan founded The Social Sourcery in 2014 and now works with recruitment agencies on their digital strategies. Passionate about the evolution of the recruitment industry, he is a firm believer that the future lies in inbound recruiting!

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