5 Easy Tips For Creating Better Recruitment Agency Blog Posts

Whether you’re just starting up or you’ve been in business a while, top-notch blog posts is the basis of any good recruitment agency content strategy. Blogging has become so common that a set of best practices has been established, and knowing these practices can help immensely in getting your content noticed and acted upon by relevant clients and candidates. Here are five of the best and easiest ways to create better blog posts. 

Actually Have Something to Say

There’s a common misconception that creating content frequently is one of the keys to building up traffic and getting your agency ranked on search engines. While this is absolutely true, following this advice too strictly can also present a problem in the form of uninspired blog posts written just to fill a quota. Writing a sub-par blog post can be worse than not posting at all because of having nothing interesting or important to write about. In order to avoid this problem, it’s a good idea to keep a small notebook in which to jot down ideas whenever they may come up. If you have a few good blog ideas in your back pocket that you have written down beforehand, it will be much easier for you to keep posting thoughtful and insightful content on a regular schedule. 

Make Your Content Thorough 

A lot of recruitment agencies seem to be under the mistaken impression that writing enough 300-word blog posts will get their sites noticed and build thought leadership. Though such strategies worked in the early days of blogging, there is little truth in this assumption now. To create content that stands out from the crowd, you will need to write articles that are at least 600+ words. Longer content is generally better, and many authoritative articles appearing on the first page of search results are multiple thousands of words long. However, remember to be concise and provide value with every paragraph. If your 2,000-word article could be reduced to 1,200 words without removing any useful information, it probably should be. 

Engage Your Reader With Rich Visual Content 

 Almost everyone knows that having an image in an article is good for SEO, and so the vast majority of blog posts have at least a featured image that appears at the top of the article. However, when it comes to recruitment agencies, visual content is still sadly underused. Using several helpful images and videos instead of a single featured image can make the difference between a fairly good article and a great article. Since many people are very visually-oriented, including pictures and video will make your article both more appealing and more useful to readers who prefer to learn visually rather than by simply reading text. Having multiple images and videos within your article will also compound the SEO benefits of having a single featured image, making it that much easier to get your articles ranked by search engines. 

Provide Useful External Links

Linking out to other websites is a practice that few recruitment agency bloggers follow as closely as they should, often because of the fear that sending readers to other sites will prevent them from returning. This concern should be handled by creating content so good that it is worth returning to, rather than ignoring a practice that can greatly improve the usefulness of an article for the reader. If other web pages contain articles that are relevant to the topic of one of your posts, you should include in-text links that will allow readers to access that content. While providing value for your reader, this type of linking will also benefit your SEO, as search engines give preferential ratings to articles that link out to related authority sites. External resources can help your reader to better understand your topic while simultaneously making it easier for new readers to find your work. 

Maintain Your Posts

Many bloggers think that the process of creating a post ends when the “publish” button is clicked. Though this ends the process of creating the original article, it is important to maintain your post. This means updating it to keep it relevant and adding new information to it if you learn something new about the topic later on down the line. By consistently adding to your posts, you can make sure that they are up to date and as informative as possible. Doing post-publication maintenance on your blog posts also allows you to link to articles you have written more recently on related topics within the text of your older articles. 

Blogging is hard work, but these simple tips can help you create better posts that your prospective clients and candidates will enjoy and share. Keep in mind that, no matter how good any one article on your blog may be, the success and failure of your blog will ultimately depend on the total quality of all of your articles. If you can consistently create high quality content that provides value to your readers, your blog will become a powerful tool for branding, thought leadership and lead generation.

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Steffan Gooch

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