5 Key Benefits Of Recruitment Agency Blogging

Although blogging is one of the most tried and tested content formats, many recruitment businesses still haven’t yet got involved. This is puzzling, since around 80% of marketers consider business blogging to be a crucial area of their digital marketing strategies. Blogging does take up quite a lot of time, and no blog becomes successful overnight – these are facts. But despite the obvious drawbacks, the benefits of business blogging are undeniable. 

In order to attract relevant readers and build a successful blog, you need to consistently offer enough compelling, value-adding content to your target market and be sure not to neglect the crucial social element involved. Here’s 5 key benefits to convince you:

Become an Authority 

A blog is not actually meant to be promotional – it’s important to always remember this since it runs counter to the traditional recruitment agency mindset of selling. However, it provides an excellent way to entertain and address the concerns of the prospects in your market. It’s no secret that the recruitment industry suffers from an ongoing credibility problem, so it’s important to instil a sense of professionalism and integrity in your blogging. This is the best way to build authority as a trusted industry expert.

Becoming a thought leader should be the ultimate goal of any agency. Success comes with distinguishing yourself from the thousands of generic agencies, building up an impeccable reputation and becoming someone who even your competitors look up to. Establishing yourself as an industry expert can take time and requires patience, but through consistent effort and constant learning on the way, the work will definitely pay off in the longer term.

Increase Business Exposure 

Every business wants more traffic to their websites, but agencies who are successful online know that it’s not just about numbers alone. After all, a high visitor count means nothing if most visitors are leaving your website after a few seconds. What you really need is relevant traffic consisting of visitors who are most likely to become promising client and candidate leads.

Blogging helps increase your business’s exposure by improving your visibility in the search results, provided you don’t prioritize search engine optimization (SEO) over the user experience. Every blog post is another piece of content for people to share on social media sites, comment on with the on-page comments and for the search engines to index. Ultimately, content is the driving force behind the modern Web.

Connect with Others 

It’s usually pretty easy to tell a bad blog from a good one. A bad one will likely have a large amount of content but very few comments, while a good one will have an active community even if it might have a lot less content. Of course, it takes time for even the best blogs to build up large audiences, but this is not likely to occur if you ignore the social media elements of blogging.

In many ways, blogging is just another area of social media marketing, whereby you publish and share content in order to give something for people to talk about. By establishing yourself as an authority and interacting with your readers by way of blog comments and social media posts, you’ll be able to boost the confidence of your prospects, encouraging them to engage you and become leads.  

Get Feedback 

Since a blog is an excellent platform for connecting with others and building meaningful relationships, it presents the chance to empower your prospects and existing customers. Blogging gives you a perfect opportunity to get feedback and find new ways to appeal to your target audience. It allows people to be actively involved in your business and even add value to the development of new ideas, strategies and services.

You should always encourage your readers to leave feedback but, equally important is to show that you’re present by responding to said feedback as frequently as you can. At the same time, you should encourage people to share content they find useful, since blogging can provide valuable content for social media platforms. To make sharing easier for your visitors, be sure to include sharing buttons for popular networks.

Drive Long-Term Results 

Like any form of inbound marketing, blogging is not meant to be a quick fix – so don’t expect to see results straight away. Instead, it drives long-term results through patience and consistent effort. As such, blogging can trump almost any traditional marketing method in the longer term, but it does require an ongoing strategy whereby you are committed to posting on a regular schedule.

According to a recent study by HubSpot, over two thirds of blog traffic was generated by blog posts that were older than one month. This means that every piece of content has the opportunity to attract clients and candidates for months or even years to come, particularly when said content is repurposed, promoted again or repackaged into a different content format.

Final Words 

Blogging is beneficial for almost every aspect of your recruitment agency. By using content to build recognition and authority, you’ll be better equipped to increase website traffic, increase conversions and generate leads. These benefits are truly tried and tested, and you’ll only be ignoring them at your peril.

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Steffan Gooch

After spending 7 years as a recruiter, Steffan founded The Social Sourcery in 2014 and now works with recruitment agencies on their digital strategies. Passionate about the evolution of the recruitment industry, he is a firm believer that the future lies in inbound recruiting!

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