How to Effectively Develop and Promote Your Recruitment Agency Blog 

When it comes to generating traffic, finding leads and building a brand, blogging remains one of the most effective marketing tools. A blog is often added as an afterthought to many recruitment agency websites, with little thought or promotion going into its success. However, the benefits of a good blogging strategy are not hard to see. According to Business2Community, companies that actively blog receive 97 percent more links to their site than those that don’t. While blogging does take additional time and patience, following a simple development and promotion strategy can make the process simple and incredibly effective.


The first stage of the process involves setting up and maintaining a blog, ensuring the design, posting schedule, and content plan are all in place.

Think About User Experience

It is important to build a blog with readers in mind. The best business blogs tend to separate much of their company and sales information from the blog content, with the posts being used to build the brand. Don’t just write posts that blow your own horn and say how great your agency is. However, effective call-to-action elements can be used to funnel readers to your job page, an offer or email list. A clean, fast, readable, and mobile-friendly blog will please visitors, and the search engines may rank you for relevant search terms.

Quality Over Quantity 

Many recruitment agency blogs start off promisingly, but gradually, the posts become infrequent. Readers want a posting schedule they can rely on, so try to maintain consistency as much as possible. Always aim for quality over quantity, as a high quality post that adds value will be more effective than a large number of filler articles. HubSpot found blogging 11 or more times per month resulted in more than three times the traffic of blogs that posted only once or not at all. This can be used as a guide for a posting schedule, and tracking your individual results will assist you over time.

Broaden Your Topics 

If your agency operates in a niche, it can become hard to write consistently about that particular topic. A good blog, however, can look at related topics and niches without losing readers. Alternatively, you could include personal elements of your business to help people relate to your brand and recruiters. 

Get Your Recruiters Involved 

Your recruiters can be a valuable resource in developing your blog. One or more of your recruiters might have an interesting point of view, and the blog may offer the best opportunities to convey them. Even if it is just an occasional blog post, your staff are on the front line and always have something valuable to offer. It also helps them becoming invested in its success. Develop a consistent personality for your blog, taking on the feelings and values you aim to represent as a business. 


Maintaining a quality blog can be time consuming, so it is worth considering outsourcing some of the tasks involved. You may not have the desire or budget to build a content marketing department, but outsourcing your content can complete many roles at a reduced cost. You can purchase articles for your blog, pay for a researcher to find important information, and hire a graphic designer to produce an infographic. 


Building a platform and developing your content are vital tasks, but without effective promotion, your blog will not receive the attention required to grow a following. Here’s how to do it.

Develop a Social Following 

Social media is a great way to funnel prospects to your blog. If you can cultivate an interested following, posting a new article can instantly gain some traction. Social media is based around liking and sharing content, so each new post could potentially earn you new readers and followers as content starts to syndicate. Like all digital marketing initiatives, social media promotion can take time to come to fruition, but consistency allows you to grow at a steady pace.

Encourage Your Recruiters to Use Social Media 

It’s also key to encourage your recruiters to use social media. You may find your employees naturally acts as brand champions (especially if you treat them well), happy to engage with others and promote your business. Official agency accounts can sometimes lack personality by default, but an individual can be more relatable to people on social media.

Follow Best SEO Practices 

A popular blog stands a good chance of ranking for a number of relevant keywords. Following best SEO practices puts you in the best position to achieve these rankings, with little work required to meet the standards. Ensure you research keywords that are relevant to your taget market. Include title tags, add images or videos to posts, optimize loading speed, and work on reducing the bounce rate. Additionally, you will need to promote content through social media, outreach, and ongoing relationship building to gain important backlinks.

Leverage Existing Relationships 

Most established agencies will have existing relationships with industry figures. It could be a high quality client or the MD of a big business, but they can all potentially help your blog grow. Look for reciprocal opportunities to promote each other, possibly interviewing a personality or including them in a roundup article. A blog can grow far more quickly when it has support from established figures who already have followings of their own.

Connect with Online Influencers 

There will also be important figures in your market with whom you don’t yet have a relationship. There may be a number of influencers within your market niche that have large social media followings and popular blogs of their own. Building relationships with these people can provide traffic and followers for your blog. You can start to develop relationships by interviewing them, reaching out on social media, offering some help, and being active within the blog comment section.

Blogging takes time, but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. The clients and candidates in your niche are eager for quality content and insightful views, and much of the blogging process involves staying consistent and maintaining a high level of quality. A common problem for many agency bloggers, however, is lack of promotion. Businesses often place blog promotion low on their list of priorities; consequently, the blog sits in digital no-mans-land with little chance of building an audience. When agencies invest the time, blogging will be elevated to one of their primary marketing tools.

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