5 Reasons Why Your Recruitment Agency Should Curate Content

Every agency should know by now that content is the lifeblood of modern recruitment marketing, particularly when it comes to digital. Content curation is an important part of the content marketing mix, since it allows you to gather together all the content your brand has created and repurpose it in a meaningful and organized way. It might seem complicated at first, but you’ll quickly understand why it’s worth the effort when you can identify the many important benefits that it brings.

Increase Your Reach 

One of the biggest mistakes that rookies tend to make is sharing all their content at once instead of pacing it over a series of time to maximize the exposure of the brand behind it. Content curation presents the perfect opportunity to avoid this mistake and increase your reach, visibility and engagement at the same time. By curating content, such as your most popular blog posts, for example, you’ll always have something on hand to share depending on what’s trending at that moment.

Become a Thought Leader 

Just as a curator of a museum is expected to be an expert in their field, so is a content curator expected to know their niche. By gathering together and promoting the right content, your target audience will have a reason to examine the choices you have selected. You can and should go even further by providing your own knowledge to the content you’ve curated, such as by adding your own commentary. This kind of curation is particularly important on social networks, where sharing is a key element.

Build Trust 

A major part of becoming an established thought leader concerns building trust. After all, if you want to build educative value, you’ll need to strive to build up your trust and credibility, and this means regularly citing sources of information you use in your own content and reaching out to other major influencers in your niche. Through careful content curation, you’ll be able to show your clients and candidates that you have a decent grasp of the challenges they face, and the things they want and need.

Be Sociable 

You can’t really expect to build trust online if you’re not prepared to be sociable. Since social media is now a major and largely unavoidable part of the digital marketing mix, it’s important that you be sociable for the sake of driving engagement. Curating content gives you a whole wealth of interesting things to share with your community, and your audience will be grateful that you’re not just using social media to talk about yourself (like most agencies do)!

Save Time and Money 

Curating content from a wide variety of sources, including your own, can save time and money. It’s much cheaper than outsourcing huge amounts of content creation to freelancers and a lot less time-consuming than creating it yourself. While regularly publishing original content of your own is undoubtedly essential, curating content on the side and sharing it along with your own commentary requires relatively little investment in terms of time or money. However, it cannot be stressed enough that content curation should not be considered a shortcut or a substitute for creating quality content from scratch.

Final Words 

There are various ways that you can fit content curation into your digital marketing strategy and, ideally, it should become an integral part of your routine. For example, you can curate blog posts or publish news roundups pertaining to your niche every week. Another option is to send out weekly editorial newsletters featuring some of the best content of the week from different sources. Ultimately, it’s all about adding value by becoming an integral part of the community surrounding your industry.

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Steffan Gooch

After spending 7 years as a recruiter, Steffan founded The Social Sourcery in 2014 and now works with recruitment agencies on their digital strategies. Passionate about the evolution of the recruitment industry, he is a firm believer that the future lies in inbound recruiting!

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