Digital Marketing For Recruitment Agencies: Where To Start

Digital marketing for recruitment agencies…

The concept that sends agency bosses heads into a serious spin.

The most frequent (and obvious) question I hear when it comes to digital is ‘where do we start?’.

Here’s what you need to know.


Starting point: define your goals, the strategies to meet them and how you will measure it all.

A well-defined strategy is imperative for an agency online. Trying to wing it without a clue always results in a stupid amount of time wasted, for very little in actual measurable results.

It’s easy to lull yourself into a false sense of security online, thinking you’re killing it because you get likes and followers on social media. I call BS.

The only results agencies should be seeking online are:

a. subscribers that they can turn into leads

b. leads that they can turn into placements.

There is no other way to measure return on investment.


Your website is the most important digital asset you have & in 2019 it matters more than ever. If you still have a substandard website (which many agencies do), you’re missing out on many online opportunities.

Think of your site as a window clients & candidates can look through to decide if they want to engage with your agency. Research shows it takes no more than 0.05 of a second to form an opinion about your website.

Furthermore, credibility research from Stanford shows that 75% of web users admit to making judgements about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design.

Design, conversion focussed copywriting, UX principles and responsiveness are all key factors in a great recruitment agency website. In the saturated market that is the recruitment industry, it is the one thing that will set you apart from your competitors.


Blogging is something our industry does badly, if at all. With all the clear indications that blogging is one of the most valuable things you can do for your business, this is baffling. Not only is it the most effective way to drive relevant traffic to your site, but it also stamps perceived authority over the pertinent topics in your market.

Recruitment agencies are kind-of unique insofar that they combine a B2B & B2C setup into one stream. However you slice it, blogging is an initiative all recruitment agencies should get involved in. Here’s some context: B2B marketers that use blogs get 67% more leads than those that do not. Or that 47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before even engaging with a sales rep.

Nuff said.


eNewsletters are the most cost effective and powerful digital marketing tactic a recruitment agency can use. Period.

After creating high quality blog posts that drive client & candidate traffic to your website, then having your visitors sign up as a subscriber to your agency, you send a monthly eNewsletter to your subscriber list to update them on company news, promote your brand and of course, generate opportunities for placements through job ads and referrals.

The reason why enewsletters are so lucrative is that they cost next to nothing to make, but offer many lead gen opportunities.

As you grow your list over time, you create more and more opportunities to generate leads, referrals and placements.

I’ve seen one newsletter generate two placements worth £15500 in 10 days – a return on monthly investment of over 10000%.

This isn’t the standard, but with such high placement fees relative to the costs of producing the newsletter, all you need is one and you’re winning big.


I’m going to keep this section short and sweet because digging deep into metrics and analytics isn’t required at this point in your journey. But you do need to know that metrics and analytics are the most crucial part of anything you do online. Without a way to measure your progress, you’ll never know if you are getting closer to your goals. Directionless, your entire marketing program will resemble nothing more than a limp noodle. Ineffective at best, actually damaging at worst.

Make sure you understand the relevant metrics, so you can measure where you are in relation to your goals at any given moment in time.

Often getting started is the hardest part of a new endeavour, so by reading this article you’ve done the hard work and you’re on the road to glory. These 5 elements are all you need to begin the process of developing a valuable digital lead gen system. A digital asset, if you will. An asset that has the potential to deliver measurable results well into the future.

Good luck!

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Steffan Gooch

After spending 7 years as a recruiter, Steffan founded The Social Sourcery in 2014 and now works with recruitment agencies on their digital strategies. Passionate about the evolution of the recruitment industry, he is a firm believer that the future lies in inbound recruiting!

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