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5 Great Ways Entrepreneurs Create Winning Cultures

Long-term success isn’t possible without the right company culture and smart entrepreneurs will make sure that from the start they have a winning culture in place. Creating one involves a number of factors, almost all of which are within your control. Do it right and your office will be a place of passion and hard work. Do it wrong and your start-up could be a disjointed mess. 1. Recruit the Right People and Deal with

Why All Developers Should Learn Python

Whether you are just starting out in the software development world, looking to accelerate your development career, or you simply want to make yourself the most attractive candidate for a dream programming job – you should learn Python computer programming language. Python is an easy to learn free and open language, which makes a great launching pad for any software development future. It’s a known favourite of the big league companies like Google & Facebook,

Coding Boot Camp: It Doesn’t Take Formal Qualifications to Land a Lucrative Coding Job

You never got any farther than high school, and you work as a waiter. Or perhaps you do have a degree and have held on to a reasonable job for twenty years, but feel that you may be laid off soon. You do know that you are capable of so much more.  You know you are powerfully interested in logic and logical design. You feel you could be a great programmer if you had the

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