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Simplicity, integrity, humility. These qualities define us.

Working Together To Build Your Business

Too many agencies out there are simply after a quick buck.

As soon as they sniff a potential deal, they’ll do or say almost anything to close it.

It’s a fact that the recruitment industry has always been like this – purely sales focussed and primarily about short term wins, but times have changed and so have the needs of companies.

All of our executive team have started, grown and run businesses prior to starting Sourcery Platform, so we deeply understand where it is that we can provide true and lasting value.

We aim to be seen by our clients as nothing less than trusted advisors, inherent in your growth plans as you scale to greatness.

Simple. Ethical. Transparent

We’re a lean business, invested in powerful technologies.  Through leveraging this technology, we’ve optimised our processes to be as simple as possible.

We see our recruitment tech stack as paramount to our ability to provide significantly more value to our clients in the form of simplicity and saved time.

On another note, everyone knows that the recruitment industry is marred with cowboys and unethical practices.

When we started Sourcery Platform, we made a pledge that no matter what happened, we would never be like those agencies.

The best interests of our clients and candidates are our primary concern, no matter what. If that means saying no, we’ll do it. If that means telling hard truths, we’ll do it.

We’re open and honest in everything we do and we’ll never compromise this.

Innovative Sourcing Channels

While we have decades of experience in both the world of recruitment and finance, in this competitive market, that’s just not enough.

Recruitment has evolved massively over the past 5-10 years and we’ve been empowered through all kinds of fantastic technology. The problem is that most recruiters aren’t using them and are relying on outdated techniques that are often counterproductive.

Of course, we’re highly experienced headhunters with mastery over LinkedIn. And we still do see value in job boards and advertisements.

But where we aim to go over and above is through our investment in inbound recruiting and marketing automation. Our inbound system attracts and manages candidates on autopilot. Using various marketing and acquisition strategies, we add them to a growing talent community of high-quality tech professionals, who we then communicate with through email automation.

At the end of the day, we are firm believers that the best sourcing channel is through your reputation and it is our aim to be regarded by the market as true industry and talent experts.

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Our Expertise

We specialise in technology and digital marketing recruitment. Here are the key areas we service.


Engineering & Development

Front End Development
Mobile Development
Enterprise Technology
Dev Ops
Back End Software Development
Full Stack Development
Testing & QA


Acquisition & Retention

Digital Marketing
Paid Social
Performance Marketing
Content Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Marketing Automation
Data Analytics

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